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Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Health

Physical Therapy

Recovery & Wellness

Physical Therapy

Every aspect of your treatment is focused on helping you achieve the best possible outcomes

The expertise of our elite professionals encompasses pelvic floor health, orthopedic physical therapy and a host of other recovery and wellness services.

Versatile Solutions to Empower Your Recovery

a comprehensive approach

Our ability to effectively treat a wide range of conditions ensures a comprehensive approach to your specific situation.

Women’s Health

Providing women with premier prenatal care, postnatal recovery and other pelvic health services plays a central role in our specialized practice.

All Gender Physical Therapy

We also assist individuals of every gender with athletic performance enhancement, post-surgical recovery, injury rehabilitation, chronic condition management and more. By taking the time to familiarize ourselves with your unique lifestyle, we can craft and enact a course of therapy that seamlessly integrates into your regular routine.

In-home or Clinic Sessions

This can include sessions at our Andover, Massachusetts office or in-home visits throughout Northeastern Massachusetts and the Southeastern region of New Hampshire surrounding Windham.

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Elevate Physical Therapy Services

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Our orthopedic physical therapy services encompass thorough treatment for all types of orthopedic injuries and conditions.

  • post-surgical recovery

  • sports rehabilitation

  • running injury assessment

We focus on providing you with a swift and effective path to regaining strength and mobility.

Pelvic Floor Health

As specialists in pelvic health, we provide comprehensive care for conditions ranging from:

  • prenatal & postpartum recovery

  • pelvic pain

  • incontinence

We create a supportive and understanding environment where your comfort and recovery are our top priorities – either in our office or in the comfort of your home.

Recovery & Wellness

We offer a variety of active recovery and wellness services to keep you at the peak of your game including:

  • stretch sessions

  • soft tissue manipulations (trigger point release)

  • dry needling

  • cupping & percussion therapy

  • Game Ready cryotherapy

These personalized services are ideal for athletes, those in training and anyone else looking to enhance or maintain their physical well-being.

See What Your Insurance Covers

We’re an Out of Network Provider. However, many individuals have health insurance plans that will reimburse a portion of your costs for OON treatments. Please complete the form at the link below to authorize this practice to obtain your specific coverage & deductible information for you.

Colleen Brauch, PT, DPT

Colleen holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UMASS Lowell, where she also studied Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Building on her love for sports medicine and orthopedic physical therapy, Colleen became certified in pelvic floor physical therapy and discovered her passion for pelvic health and the ability to help patients struggling with related issues.